by amuck

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Produced by Sikes! and featuring guest appearances from Pearl Dragon of Champagne Champagne and Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul.


released August 6, 2011

Beats and production by Sikes!, lyrics and vocals by Amuck except for noted collaborations.



all rights reserved


amuck Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Amuck: Alarmingly outside-the-box hip-hop from Pittsburgh, PA. After hitting the music scene in 2010 and collaborating with the likes of Sims of Doomtree, Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul, and Pearl Dragon of Champagne Champagne, Amuck's cult fanbase has spread faster than an explosive case of flesh eating bacteria in a freshwater pond.

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Track Name: A Divergence of Character Featuring Pearl Dragon
I keep lookin’ at my watch like a shackle, where did the time go?
You see I’m crooked from the touch of these Jackels, where did my mind go?

I was brought up in the fire quick, a product of my environment
Grime and grit, I got up each time that I was hit
First grade kid that needed a first aid kit
Worst behaved prick whose needley smirk made his
Teachers wanna pick a different livelihood
Schemin’ from the bleachers and about to sink his teeth into your spinal fluid
Chaotic spit, became Gothic-ish
Displayed awesome quips to slay gossip-cliques
In a piss-ant town, population of fuck you
Quick sand growlin’ it loves the taste of Amuck’s shoes
Didn’t end up soul-less in the wreckage like some
I found some solace in the records I spun, and never looked back
On all my peers that OD’d, too pierced to proceed in life
Just a smear on the whole breed
Evolving through it all, went from person to predator
I’m what Darwin would have called a divergence of character


Lavance Fields skills when I ball, resurrect fresh from Pitt to the West
Yeah yeah Heinz feet on them ho’s
Buzzed cuz, I be fly till my death

I’ll eat the livers and gizzards if that’s all I can get
I’ll greet you mister with scissors if that’s all I can grip
Some try to come at me with pseudo rap projects
Tongued tied redundancy and plutocrat nonsense
Never got a hand-out, never took a short cut
Never got a fan without shedin’ so much more blood
Than the rest, I rest my case
But the jury is a flurry of kids with detestful taste
Example given, Wiz Khalifa is a black and gold Idol
And what he’s written they repeat as if he had his own Bible
I never seen a wack douche that was so type-cast
I never seen a black dude that was so white trash
I stage a coup in this city, I’m racin’ to the throne
I paid my dues in this city, like they was student loans
I sink my tendrils in deep (all around you)
I put my pencil to the sheet (and I drown you)


I keep lookin’ at my watch like a shackle, where did the time go?
You see I’m crooked from the touch of these Jackals, where did my mind go?
The capsules couldn’t make me sit still; the gavel couldn’t take my free will
But when some would pray to God, I prey on you

Track Name: Anglerfish
If you ain’t feelin’ me you need to just fall back a smidge
Test my ability, heathen that’s just some sacrilege
I never claimed to be no hip hop ambassador
I’m just aimin’ at these cravens with a tip-top vernacular
I’ma rip off your catheter after the fact
That I put you on the operating table cuz your anthems were wack
You see it’s often Cain and Able shit that happens in the burgh
My brothers wanna stone me because my raps is just absurd
An arachnid on the verge of tanglin’ you up in my web
Flaccid little nerds get mangled up by venom gland
Then paralysis ensues, this analysis is crude
But you protein that my palette can’t refuse
Runnin’ with lames? Can’t fuck around with our cadences
Wanna play games? Go fuck around in arcades and shit
I got that brazen wit that laces the bass and kick
You just a plagiarist, backspace and erase your clique
I got a set of skills that’s unquantifiable
You slippin’ on banana peels my tongue left to stifle you
The whole game shatters as my passions culminating
Left your whole game shattered like a Jackson Pollock painting


Crown of thorns, drowned in scorn, avalanche, rancorous laugh
Architect, sharks invest, blood shot red, sleep when I’m dead
Must not have a heart beat or pulse if you still ain’t feelin’ me
Dude put down the havoc in his text you found a real MC
Must not have a heart beat or pulse if you still ain’t feelin’ me

My words are razorblades, not the type to shave your head with
But the type to carve you up and leave you asymmetric
I’m the type that if you ain’t feelin’ my negative vibes
I’ma take you water boarding make you beg for your lives
You feel me now?
I spit on what conformists orbit, take a big corrosive shit on what the norms absorbed with
An outsider concocting outside of the box things
Grab the mic and rip till your endorphins forfeit
Bitch a swarm of hornets couldn’t generate the kind of buzz as me
Try to replicate my rhyme pungency, I’ma separate the grim from your teeth
When I slap the taste our your mouth, a thug I’m not
Just a juggernaut who’s acquired taste for the sound
Of rap music, back two steps up off my lawn
With that propaganda and improper grammar you a pawn
Too much Tropicana with that vodka stammer in your songs
I’m too hot to handle, drop you with one stanza and you gone
How do you like these apples son?
Amuck about to make it rain with a stack of ones
Or rather fall into some wealth, groveling for all the pop glory
Auto tune myself vomiting and hit the top forty


I’m ready for whatever happens it don’t matter at all
Gonna sink my teeth into the quarks, rip matter apart
If anyone can tell me different than step up to the mic
Speak now or forever hold your peace
Hush hush till you die