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Debut album from Amuck, produced by Sikes! and featuring guest appearances from Kiltervision, Draztyk, Basick Sickness and Pk Poo.


released May 28, 2010

All beats and production by Sikes!, lyrics and vocals by Amuck except noted collaborations.



all rights reserved


amuck Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Amuck: Alarmingly outside-the-box hip-hop from Pittsburgh, PA. After hitting the music scene in 2010 and collaborating with the likes of Sims of Doomtree, Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul, and Pearl Dragon of Champagne Champagne, Amuck's cult fanbase has spread faster than an explosive case of flesh eating bacteria in a freshwater pond.

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Track Name: Scribbles
I smirk at the earth
Because if this galaxy is only a morsel on the smorgasbord of time and space
What’s the purpose of birth?
I am plankton
I need a biological remote control but I am anchored to futility
Absorbed in dormancy because it’s just easier that way
Easier to sweep the un-rectified specter’s cries under our carpets
And let social norms bloat our forms like a narcotic
Than to teeter on the precipice of the grim and the unfathomable
And come nose to nose with finitude itself
Yeah, I’m just a pixel who babbles, afflicted by rabble
Tomorrow’s crumbled up obituary
But somewhere, in the depths of someone’s MP3 catacombs
I count for something
So I embrace these embers of existence
Because as is inevitable, I will end
But as of now, I have begun
Track Name: I Have Begun
Tell me who the hardest is, roll up in your joint, snap your cartilage
Tarnishin’ rapper’s egos with carnage I’m harnessin
Artists been claiming underground but they just hardly known
Check my gift of gab bitch I’ve been kissin the Blarney Stone
You can get your ass whipped, I see you actin’ nervous
I’ma hunt you down then I’m takin you to the taxidermist
Call me Max and Erma’s cuz I got beef with
Anybody holdin’ a mic that’s not me (shit)
I won’t slit a playa’s tires I’ll just slice his ass
Smoke pourin’ out my whip I’m higher than the price of gas
Higher so I might surpass mediocrity, who needs ya?
You let the spoon feed ya the Apostle’s Creed
Non-stoppin jaw-droppin I’m a Hobgoblin
Pillagin your villages there ain’t gon be not hot-pop-n’-lockin
When I’m done, leave your entrails on the dance floor
All y’all gonna die so what you shakin’ your ass for?


I can feel it surgin’ through my every pour I’m ready for these
Transcendental wings to take me higher than I’ve ever been
I can feel it surgin’ through my veins you know I can’t explain with
Scientific means this unknown potency that flows through me

The only key to defeat me’s reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s
Will To Power, I will devour the seeds of your species
And pick my teeth with your bones, I’ve got bones to pick
I’ll throw the first stone, you trick
Your glass houses and crack-house-bliss is inexplicable when I’m rippin’ you
With punishment inexplicable except for on the grounds that I came to get down
And the way to get down was by maimin’ your crown
You can’t hold me I ravage your Golgi Apparatus
Paint boldly on this canvas called life, I could do this all night
I’m a wordsmith with a superb gift
My first verse spittin’ I was makin’ the earth shift
But talk is cheap; I’m rockin’ often optin’ not to sleep
Off to operate on a topic when Sikes is droppin’ beats
Wanna go Old-School? Let’s go to school I’ll bang your head in lockers
Keep it poppin’ like my name was Orville Redenbacher


Homie rocked a couple mics, then it’s “Bye, there he goes!”
He went from one to zero like a binary code
You can’t fly very low, before your crashin’ and burnin’
And some motherfuckin stranger sticks your ash in an urn
And then you’re done, son
It’s like you never existed, but an unruly ascension gets you battered and blistered
By the sun’s rays, much like that cat Icarus did
You need to embrace and portray what’s intrinsic to your game

Track Name: The Unfettered Ones
I remember sittin’ in the pew, listenin’ to the preacher spew
What you had to do if you wanted to please the dude
That created you in his own image
But the snafu in this façade, was God had his own blemishes
He needed a day to rest, he was a homophobic
He required sacrifices of the bone and flesh
With unquestioning faith, but it’s the questions that separate
The human beings from the petulant apes
So I just looked on, as the baptized were capsized in fat lies
Whoop, gone into the black sky
I saw the metaphysical picture that they were paintin’
From scriptures that they were rapin’ they were rakin’ the cash high
By dispensing fear to docile nation
So many of them were smeared from indoctrination
So steady and cavalier with their proclamations
That any to not adhere were abominations


We can deprogram this cultural software
With the cyanide diatribes I prescribe, kickin’ cynicism into hyper drive
Your superstitions are not our cross to bear
Got the heavens down to an algorithm but forgettin’ about the ground, you got clouded vision

Some would label me pretentious
Because I don’t accept as truth these obtrusive fables that men invented
But why is it that I should have to bite my tongue
When these Bible-thumping fanatics fling their righteous dung
In hopes we might succumb to an intelligence decline
To me, that’s an unintelligent design
Cuz if promoting a belief in Jesus is the case
Why you shovin’ pics of an aborted fetus in my face
So depleted is the taste of reason, more concerned over a cluster of cells
Than what it takes to feed them children that were already born
Livin’ in rubbish, growin’ up into what you steady scorn,
Sin and repugnance, oh what an appetite for an afterlife
To try to reformat the universe as black and white
But it’s intention less; pension less, shades of grey
Don’t believe me? Then let your razorblades pave the way (to heaven)


They tell you that faith is admirable
And you arbitrarily obey
These answers that aren’t answers at all
Butchering all reason, on your knees to please them
I don’t need the threat of hellfire to act altruistically
Fettered are the liars that black out our history
Three billion years of successive mutation
Translated to six days by perplexed indignation
So many sucked in, and devoured by the Deacon’s lust
But with gumption and willpower we can deconstruct
Quizzical, mythical veils, from which truth is hidden
In this physical, pivotal realm, no fruit is forbidden

Track Name: Bounce Featuring Pk Poo

Gotta be frank man, I really hate your girlfriend
She’s a real skank-bag, she’s fuckin’ up your program
Love is a many-funny-things, but this chicks just a money-fiend
Throw her in the trash like used-rubbers then
Bounce on up out
Throw her in the trash like used-rubbers then
Bounce on up out

I’ve been meaning to talk to you one-on-one for some time now
This chick that you’re talking to, she’s a dozen a dime now
I’m not gonna sum her up to a three letter word
But if I did it would be one you couldn’t make a housewife now
I’m a firm believer that love is irrational, but
Hearing this girl’s voice is like having a rash on your nuts
Son, you a passionate klutz
Craving a connection, but her face looks like something we would have to dissect
Up in biology, first you just wanted to set your pollen free
Now she’s moved her stuff in, it’s stuff cuz you on a leash
Plus she’s spendin’ paper that you really don’t have
Got her street urchin girlfriends lurkin in your pad
Eatin’ your grub, chain smokin’, makin’ you they Chauffer
Like what the fuck, is your brain broken? Man you need to show her the door
But you claim there’s more than my tirade conveys
But I can tell that she’s no deeper than her Myspace page


Whup, then the baggage came up out the baggage claim
Stuck with a chick that’s inflictin’ pain on your haggard frame
Fucked, cuz you know that if you call things off
She’s gonna sneak between your bed sheets and saw things off
She’s got a screw loose, but that’s not everything that’s been loosened up
Need a spreadsheet just to keep track of all the dudes she fucked
Yeah she’s a floozy but your libido convolutes
Treat her like a princess but I can see she’s a prostitute
Don’t even think about bringing the bitch around me
Unless you wanna see her get served quicker than ground beef
Even our visitation rights is in doubt
Because you’re locked up, she won’t let you out, no
I apologize if this seemed mean-spirited
But I’ve seen you pulverized as her deeds breed virulence
Through your emotions, me motion
That you tie a cinder block around her ankle and drop her into the ocean
Track Name: Testicular Fortitude Featuring Kiltervision and Sikes
The rapture of post-Napster’s exasperating
These rappers that go platinum are ascertaining
The fact that they wack actors just masturbating
On tracks, and the main factor’s infatuation with cash
When I was a teen I was bangin’ dope shit
Cruisin the block, dreamin’ of my Magnus opus
Boozin’ a lot, but I kept it in perspective, kept my eardrums disinfected
From what the Clear Channel ghost spins
Rap used to embody the struggle of the common man
Now it’s contraband conjured up by charlatans
And we wonder why this promise-lands so diluted
Cuz this music’s so stupid that anybody can do it
It’s purposeless, superfluous content
I urge these kids, don’t purchase this nonsense
You’d be better off stickin’ your headphone jack inside a black hole
Than crankin that Solja Boy you lookin’ like an asshole
Lookin’ like a stale demographic, sleeping with ephemeral fame
I’ll be the nail in your mattress, no skill better practice
Just cuz you puffin’ on that emerald green don’t mean you ill, get a Pap Test
Cuz you clearly got no balls at all, spit twenty bars
Didn’t provoke a thought at all
Rewind that cuz I want my time back that was wasted
Hearin’ the same flow from forty-nine-hundred plagiarists


They don’t make em like they used to, just verbatim to abuse you
Bump to what you want but don’t take me to no hip-hop show
You won’t even get me into the door; cuz rap ain’t got no balls no more
Track Name: Weirdo
With a heart so black, I’ll never feel remorse again
Like a shark attack, all you see is my dorselphin
You just a morsel in my ecosystem, so when I step up in the place
Better not speak just listen, a brief intermission
For y’all to sip some flask, and play my disc from the first bong rip to ash
It’s about the blood, sweat and tears, but an emphasis on the blood
Cuz Enigma wear a crimson mask, whip your ass go get a casket
Astronomical flows, leaving gashed abdominals in you ho’s that can’t rap shit
Who wanna run they mouth now, while I’m huffin’ and puffin’ about to
Blow your house down


I went from catechism to cataclysm to having visions
To spatter victims and leave em so they head is missin’
I speak loudly, carry a big stick
And if your peeps doubt me, tell em’ to eat dick

You not a rapper you just a rambling bitch-ass
Burn you on the stake as if you was practicing witch-craft
We some riff-raff, bringin’ the noise right here
Martin had a dream, but you bout to have a nightmare
Cuz my words are tentacles with suction-cups
Your testicles get shrunken up, I might go mental and just plain fuck you up
And drag you to the ocean floor, I’m sinkin’ haters
You can bag me at the grocery store, call me incubator cuz I’m hatchin’ shit
Unlike your blasphemous clique, this is passion bitch
Get a whoop-assin’ with it
Me and you can face-off, take a glance at apocalypse
Feel your face-off, like some Anthony Hopkins shit


I’m too damn ill to diss, rappers actin’ like dummies
Than I ain’t beefin’ I’m smackin’ they ventriloquist
I ain’t lyin’ I’m makin’ splinters out of your cherry trees
I ain’t dyin’ so why does Pittsburgh still want to bury me?
Dig myself out of my grave with my scalpel
To rearrange this rap game with my mouthfuls
You a little tiny rapper, Enigma the real deal
Run up on O’Reilly Factor, pull trigger to kill Bill
I’m like the sun, you keep starin’ and you’ll get blistered eyes
Got my rap music blarin’ about to kiss the sky
This is synthesized mayhem I’ma twist your thighs up
Like a pretzel and leave you inside a ditch to die

Track Name: A Glitch to Bump to
I keep it poppin’ like a fresh sheet of bubble wrap
Got a smart mouth, far out, like the images the Hubble snaps
If you wanna come and scrap, I’ma take the mic stand
Hurl it like a javelin directly through your hype man
Heard that shit you babblin’, must say I’m unenthused
With you and your ramblin’ references to guns and booze
I seen a hundred dudes exactly like you
Quit when the game didn’t exactly like you
Shit, it’s a shame that you ever tried to MC in the first lame
Lame rhythms blemishing my birthplace
This obsidian city of steel is engulfed in oblivion of mimics and heels
So what do I do? Do I become a caricature of a rapper
Smothering the air with pungent propaganda?
Nah, I’m just gon’ rock some beats before legitimate lyricism is obsolete


Tell me now just what it is, gotta get my game on but the cartridge is broken
Maybe it’s the system that’s broken itself
Button-mashin’ on my joystick, no avail
Tell me now just what it is, gotta get my game on but the cartridge is broken
Maybe it’s the system
Maybe it’s the system
Track Name: Gasconade Featuring Basick Sickness and Draztyk
I’m blowin’ up like a white grenade, can’t get the blood off with windshield wiper blades
I sustain flows that are so hot even my mics inflamed
Strike your frame, kid’s talk a whole lot till my incisors maim
Cryin’ shame, tell em to go on and get they’re diaper changed
Lifes a game, you roll with all pawns but I’m a knight that slays
Writhe in pain, better yet roll up your sleeves and slice your veins
Diamond chains, trinkets to show off but is your piper paid
Nice charade, y’all make me throw up till my insides are drained
Better jot this down – you ain’t got no skills you’ll never get this fresh
Changing colors to get a record deal like a litmus test
Didn’t pay your dues, faker
I’m not a soothsayer, but I foresee that if you step to me you gon’ lose, player
Think that I won’t roll up in and smack your brain?
Then my homie you must be dabblin’ with crack-cocaine
Boy you don’t pose a threat; you should just refrain from little plush-rhymes
No respect, like a Rodney Dangerfield punch line


I just keep marchin’ to the beat of my own damn drum
Just a makin’ up the rules as I go along
Put your hands up if you feel me, if not that’s cool
I don’t write my songs for simpleton-fucks like you
I get my gasconade on
Robust and I’m ready to throw the first punch
Gasconade on
Tumultuous I steadily crush the earth’s crust
Track Name: Minus Two Chromosomes
Floundering in the primordial ooze
Devoid of all intention, a twinkle in the atmosphere’s eyes
Self-replication tools, sharpened by the eons
Augmented by violence
Forms diverge and gorge on earth
Clamoring for sex, enamored with the sensation
That transmits intransigence
Cuz hardening the species is advantageous (yeah)


Oh, what an appetite
This fury has survived and we are its cataclysmic coincidence
Then the question swarms
Am I just a vessel for these genes
To progenate (Genes, genes, genes)
Who postulates why?
I am not defined by my particles
I am not inscribed with the carnage code
I am not defined by my parts
But on the contrary, my parts are defined by me

Successive change, eclectic stings
Of nature as she sentences maladapted to their deathbeds
A myriad of beasts contend
Emerging from the chaos once group stands erect
Self-awareness and reason gleam
Technology results in an evolutionary stasis
But is lust for mastery a relic from out biological basements? (yeah)


Am I just a marionette for my genetic makeup?
I tried to bury the debt with epistemic quakes but
I could never fully denounce all these predetorial urges
There so urgent that I’m ready to pounce
I got high hopes for my zygotes
But my existence transcends all mechanistic demands
Programmed inside those codes that I pass to my offspring
Look at my arm, feel a kinship when I glance at the moth’s wing

Track Name: Flies of the Marketplace Featuring Sikes and Rachel Peters

It’s a cosmetic apotheosis, spittin’ hot venom in preposterous doses
Vision prosthetics, our optics bloated
Splinters of this inauthentic posh explosion
Now how do we fuel the aesthetic perversion?
Bow down to the ghouls and the stench of the mercantile
Drown in the fumes, intellect is submerged in
Foul power, defused we are decadent vermin

I withstand the flies of the marketplace with defiant seething
Like quicksand they stifle and obfuscate underlying meaning
Trite glitz-glamour vipers that propagate till my eyes are bleeding
Trite glitz-glamour vipers with props that scathe and disguise our being
So now we wallow in ontological deficient
Phantom limbs that exact a binge on this hollow and pestilential
Cesspool of instant gratification
It’s a flesh fueled lust that could shatter the nation
But I can thrive as your ugly duckling
Cuz baby I don’t subscribe to your Snuggy-fucking little
Gluttonous succubus stuck-up-bitch riddled society
It strikes a chord in me like it was ticklin’ the ivories
Ignites a storm in me when I size up the masses
That need I-Phone Apps just to wipe up they asses
Stupefied consumers consumed by consumerism
Putrid minds these tumors maroon when the plumage glistens